Diseases and Surgery
of the Retina, Macula and Vitreous
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Our Practice

Retina EyeCare specializes in consulting, managing and treating the full spectrum of the diseases of the retina, macula and vitreous. This includes dry and wet macular degeneration, intraocular bleeding, retinal tears, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, hypertensive retinopathy, retinal vein and artery occlusions, ocular trauma, complications of cataract and glaucoma surgery, inflammatory and infectious diseases of the eye, ocular tumors, macular puckers and macular holes.

Most diagnostic procedures are performed in the office employing latest technologies such as ophthalmic photography, digital fluorescein angiography, optical coherence tomography and ultrasound.

Treatment of multiple retinal and macular diseases with lasers and intraocular injections is also performed in the office, however should hospitalization be required for vitreo-retinal surgery, Dr. Avakian holds privileges with several premier regional hospitals in Downtown /North Seattle and Bellevue.


Our Mission

Dr. Avakian and the dedicated staff of Retina EyeCare are committed to provide advanced medical and surgical treatment to patients with diseases of retina, macula and vitreous. By providing exceptional professional services, we strive to maintain our reputation for personal attention and successful outcomes and earn the trust of our new patients and referring doctors. Our goal is to combine thoroughness and compassion with state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatment.


Our Patient Care Philisophy

At Retina EyeCare we put a strong emphasis on quality - quality of patient care and quality of the staff who provide it.