Diseases and Surgery
of the Retina, Macula and Vitreous
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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect during initial office visit

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to fill out registration and medical forms. Your first visit will generally last 1-2 hours. Both eyes will be dilated for complete examination and other necessary tests and procedures may be performed on the same day. Please bring sunglasses and someone to drive you home, as driving may feel uncomfortable and may be unsafe when pupils are dilated. Family members and friends are welcome to accompany you to your appointment and exam.

Most laser treatments are performed in the office, however if hospital surgery is necessary it will be scheduled according to the nature of the disease and urgency of the disease.


What to bring

  • a list of medications you are currently taking
  • your insurance cards
  • your driver's license

We thank you in advance for providing us with the most complete information possible.


Medical insurance and charges

Dr. Avakian is a preferred provider with all major insurance companies, therefore most insurance plans are accepted. However if Dr. Avakian is not contracted with your insurance company, we will gladly complete any forms necessary to assist you in securing payment from your insurance company.
If your insurance requires a referral for seeing a specialist, please contact your primary care doctor to obtain one.
Copays are required, as always, to be paid at the time of service.